Lenzmeier Family Trust Property

The Lenzmeier Family Trust Property is located in south central St. Cloud on the west side of CSAH 75 between 33rd Street South and 40th Street South. With 92.2 acres of undeveloped land, this property is nestled between two existing single-family neighborhoods to the north and west and highway commercial uses to the east. The land, relatively flat with several areas of woodlands and an area of wetland, is located in the CSAH 75 Gateway Corridor that links St. Cloud to Interstate 94. The property is identified as a Target Area of development in St. Cloud’s comprehensive plan.

Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL)

Leigh is a member of MARL.  The mission of MARL is to develop the skills of Minnesota agricultural and rural leaders so they may maximize their impact and effectiveness in local, state, national, and international arenas.  Visit MARL’s website.

Rain Gardens and Infiltration Islands

Storm water is kept as close to where it falls as possible which helps to prevent flooding, erosion and pollutions in our local wetlands.

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